Amazing invertebrates

Text and photos: Alberto Hurtado

We call them «bugs». We find them disgusting or scary. Since we were children, they have been presented to us as dangerous, stinging or disease transmitters. Many times we just crush them with the sole of our shoe. However, these beings –like all beings– have their role in the ecosystem and are essential to maintain the biological balance.

If we forget our prejudices, leave our irrational phobias behind us and look at these animals in a different way, we will find in them extraordinary beings that have evolved over millennia, achieving amazing adaptations. Some are capable of producing light by themselves; others have excessively elongated their legs to adapt to living in the dark; others have mastered the art of mimicry beyond belief by sticking inorganic materials to their bodies; others repel enemies with bright colours, poisonous fluids, impregnable armours or sharp spines…

Amazing nature!